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8 revolting things you're forced to confront in your everyday life

Why God, why?

THE WORLD IS full of disgusting things, if you think about it.  Fortunately, you can avoid most of them.

However, some of them you have no choice but to confront.

Here are eight revolting things you’re forced to deal with in your everyday life.

Pulling hair out of the shower drain

about half Source: arlen

Gross, slimy, tangled hair.

It’s fine when it’s on your head, but the minute it hits that drain it turns into something that would turn your stomach.

Bin juice

garbage bags Source: myrrh.ahn

The smelly mystery liquid that always seems to be at the bottom of the bin is a real life horror.

The water in a vase of flowers

A vase of pretty flowers IMG_6030 Source: tomylees

Oh sure, at first you’re delighted with your beautiful flowers.

It’s only when they’re dead and you’re forced to deal with the now rancid water at the bottom of the vase that the tide turns.  Blech.

Food particles that clog the drain

Sink Source: Rusty Sheriff

You’ve finished the dishes but the water won’t drain.

You have no choice but to stick your hand in that manky water and pull out the bits of gross food (usually pasta or stringy veg) that are causing the problem.  Awful.

Fat in the grill pan

Sausages Source: Phil and Pam

Grilling sausages is certainly a healthy alternative to frying, but if you’re not careful you end up with a build up of white, hardened fat at the bottom of the pan.

No one wants to deal with that.  It’s also important to note that this is the same congealed fat that appears on your once delicious sausages once they’ve cooled.  Revolting.

The toilet brush

Cleaning Source: jbhalper

It’s a necessary evil but if you actually think about it, your stomach will turn.

It’s used over and over again for one thing, and one thing only and it keeps going back into that little holder.  Ew.

Other people’s food detritus in the margarine carton

photo (3)


Nail clippings

Day 220: Oh, Crud Source: quinn.anya

Why are they so gross?  Not sure. They’re perfectly fine while they’re attached to your body but the minute they become entities of their own?  Horrible.

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