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Everyone felt sorry for this couple's disastrous house on Room to Improve last night

What lurks beneath.

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LAST NIGHT’S ROOM to Improve focused on a lovely house in Maynooth – with a dark secret hiding behind the walls.

Yes, it was that dramatic.

It was Sinéad and George’s dream home

room1 Source: RTÉ

And Dermot thought it looked class when he arrived in the car

room2 Source: RTÉ

But when he walked in the front door, the first thing he saw was a shower in the… hall

shower Source: RTÉ


It might look nice on the outside, but Dermot quickly finds out that “none of the rooms really work” when he gets in

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Next, they head on into the bedroom

room5 Source: RTE

But they saved the best until last with this tour, as they head into the final room – to discover some serious wet rot

room6 Source: RTE

Which is the “worst thing that could happen to a house”

room7 Source: RTE

^that face

This had horror film written all over it

But there was still hope

Turns out, a serious chunk of the budget is going to go on just fixing the place up

room8 Source: RTE

There were worries that they might have to just wrap this one up early

The house is “fundamentally compromised” ffs

room9 Source: RTÉ

There was one line that kept popping up

Fears of mould spread across the country

room10 Source: RTE

This was quickly turning into one of the all-time Room to Improve disasters

“It’s like it’s been hit bu a cruise missile” says the builder

room11 Source: RTÉ

Sinead and George were staying seriously calm

They had to replace the whole damn roof

Things weren’t looking great

room12 Source: RTE

Dermot was throwing out some unique measurements

room13 Source: RTE

And using Hollywood as inspiration

The pair of them struggled on the decision about the colour of the window frames


And a few quick edits later, we suddenly had the house finished

room14 Source: RTÉ

But everyone was just glad it was over

room15 Source: RTÉ

And the response to the completed job was near universal approval

dermot Source: RTÉ

Only gorgeous

George’s white cardigan was the final talking point

We’re just surprised he settled on a colour in the end

What a journey that was.

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