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Rosanna Davison has slammed this 'misleading headline' and says she is 100% feminist

(But still, don’t call her one)

ROSANNA DAVISON HAS been defending herself on Twitter today after a Sunday Independent front page headline attributed this opinion to her:


In an interview with the paper the nutritionist and model spoke to journalist Sarah Carey about modelling, the media, married life and women’s rights.

When the discussion turned to feminism Davison said:

I’m 100pc in favour of women’s rights, like equal pay. I’ve always wanted to earn my own money and I’m really supportive of women being financially independent.

However, when it comes to attached the label of feminism to herself, Davison exhibits reluctance (to the noted disappointment Sarah Carey, who asks ‘why not embrace it’):

I think a lot of people think that feminism is about being anti-men. I know there’s more to it than that; that it’s really about equality. But I don’t hate men. It’s a pity that the word has those associations, but it does and so yeah, I’m so to use it.

Davison has addressed some questions put to her about the headline on Twitter today, calling it misleading and reiterating the opinions expressed in the article itself:

ros2 Source: Twitter

She continued:

I just feel that the word has certain connotations and not everyone understands its message clearly enough. Plus, I’m reluctant to label myself, even if I have strong views on something.

Davison has described the incident as “very upsetting”.

In a 2012 interview with the Irish Times she said that she would “see myself as a great supporter of women and someone who would absolutely stand up for women. I don’t know if I would use the term feminist. I don’t know if it is applicable anymore”.

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