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12 people who have already fallen victim to Roses treachery

When is a tin not a tin?


IT’S THE SECOND year of the green Rose debacle, and people are not coping well.

Last year Cadbury pulled the old switcheroo and replaced the caramel with a coffee flavoured sweet, keeping it in a green wrapper. Bonkers carry on.

People are not happy:

Now that the festive season is well and truly in full swing, other examples of Roses treachery are coming to the fore.

Empty wrappers

Empty wrappers make Santa cry.

Wrong wrappers

What fresh hell is this? Imagine thinking you were getting your gob around a Caramel Keg and instead you’re greeted with the horror of a Strawberry One.

Covert chomping

Nothing worse than a mammy with Roses wrath.

Coffee ignorance

Lisa! The Green Ones are coffee. Quick, get yourself to a tin!

Dairy Milk disappointment

Come in for a hug big guy.

Can we still call it a tin?

Cause for celebration?

Yeah Janice, what gives?

Tin deception

It’s time to play sewing kit roulette.

The dregs

Since when are the Purple Ones ‘shite’?

Traumatised by the green coffee Roses? You’re not alone> 

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