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Mams have been sharing their kids' accidentally rude drawings and they are gas

Too good.

AS A PARENT you obviously have to rifle through quite the amount of artwork from your little one every day of the week.

Sometimes that artwork can be unintentionally hilarious.

So when this mam posted her son’s Christmas card effort on to the UnMumsy Mum Facebook page people could relate

unmumsy Facebook Unmumsy Mum Facebook Unmumsy Mum

Whatever present Santa is delivering there, it looks completely different to any adult that catches a glimpse.

So once this rude Santa went viral other mams started posting their kids’ versions to the popular parenting page.

Like this “firework”

unmumsy2 Facebook Unmumsy Mum Facebook Unmumsy Mum

And this little guy’s version of Rudolph

rudolf Unmumsy Mum Facebook Unmumsy Mum Facebook

The little girl was asked to write a card for her brother Shay’s birthday… well

shay Facebook Facebook

This piece of art was titled “carrot at the beach”

carrota Facebook Facebook


This little guy’s version of santa’s hat is an interesting interpretation

santashat UmMumsy Mum UmMumsy Mum

This mam told us that her daughter had to enter an art competition – and she chose to draw the Eiffel Tower

unmumsy3 UnMumsy Mum Facebook UnMumsy Mum Facebook


“My 6 year old daughter’s drawing of some pegs”

pegs Facebook Facebook

“This is my sons drawing of him and his friends racing on a track….”

sons Facebook Facebook

Sure they don’t know any better – and it’s absolutely gas for the parents.

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