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12 times Ryan and Giuliana were the real heroes of the Oscars red carpet

The king and queen of awards season. Let’s be real.

Golden Globes Arrivals Source: AP/Press Association Images

THE TIME HAS come for us to finally thank the unsung heroes of awards season: Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic of E! News.

Every year, they put their dignity on the line to knock some craic out of bored and irritable celebs. They don’t always succeed, but we appreciate them anyway.

1. When Ryan pretended he didn’t know what a flogger was

Source: Grey House/YouTube

Ryan asked Dakota Johnson if she took anything home from the Fifty Shades of Grey set, and she admitted that she kept a flogger – Ryan looked terribly confused and Giuliana decided to Google it, while everyone at home screamed “STOOOOP.”

2. When Ryan gave George Clooney a ‘Game Over’ t-shirt in front of Amal

o-GEORGE-CLOONEY-RYAN-SEACREST-facebook Source: Screengrab via Huffington Post

Ryan, you’ve got balls.

3. Then George and Amal watched on as Giuliana did a shot


Of course, Giuliana asked them to do a shot too. But they declined, so she went ahead and knocked one back like the sport she is.

4. When Ryan accidentally snubbed Naomi Watts



5. …And then asked her about what she had for breakfast

Naomi’s brother posted an Instagram that morning showing the actress with a breakfast frittata – Ryan deemed it imperative that the world know what was inside that frittata.

6. When Aziz Ansari created a new dance move especially for Giuliana

B-qGsPFWoAEqBz0 Source: Twitter

Image too small? Click here for a larger size.

“What?! That’s racist! Don’t say that again!”

7. When Giuliana darted in to save the world from Elizabeth Moss’ middle finger

ELISABETH-MOSS-MANI-CAM Source: Entertainment Weekly

Upholding taste and decency (and protecting the mani-cam) since 2005.

tumblr_mzbbdm1iQ41qk08n1o1_500 Source: Tumblr

8. When Sacha Baron Cohen (as the Dictator) spilled ‘ashes’ all over Ryan’s tux

ryan-dictator_0 Source: Hollyscoop

And he soldiered on, because that’s what Ryan Seacrest does.

9. When Giuliana had to wrap up the red carpet broadcast with Bill Hader just standing there


10. When Lady Gaga ignored her and she had to just go with it

Giuliana-Lady-Gaga-1 Source: Smartladieslovestuff

Giuliana-Lady-Gaga-2 Source: Smartladieslovestuff

11. When Ryan denied Catherine Zeta Jones a go on the mani-cam

Source: Dorsey Shaw/YouTube

She’s one of the few celebs who actually want to do the thing, Ryan! C’mon now.

12 And when Kendall Jenner wasn’t here for Giuliana’s air kisses

giulianakendall Source: YouTube

A career, summarised.

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