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14 delicious examples of sarcasm in the workplace

Sometimes a person just can’t help it.

AH, WORK. THE place where you are forced to spend a large portion of your life with people you might not choose to spend time with otherwise.

It’s not always an easy ride, and sometimes people feel the need to vent.

Sometimes people feel the need to vent by sticking up notes.  And sometimes people feel the need to be sarcastic.

We’re talking about people like this…

spelling Source: The Poke

5239fcbb8f9e3 Source: Happy Place

51eef03d39a9e Source: Happy Place

51a88f2b25fdf Source: Happy Place

4fe386e286241 Source: Imgur

513cfbd340e40 Source: Vitamin Ha

5051cfc4c1ae2 Source: Oxsdaily

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4f30129019c62 Source: Passive Aggressive Notes

4f3012b059738 Source: Imgur


4f19a0bda6a6b Source: Smosh


4f025bb7bd1be Source: Little White Lion


4eee893363a5c Source: The Chive

4e78f94ed9082 Source: Dev Humour

4e6e388f366eb Source: Superpunch

 Man calls police after lunch stolen from office fridge>

Why would anyone fill their car up like this Kerry driver?>

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