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Are these the saddest food items in existence?

We think they might be.

Image: Lidl

AT THE BEST of times, food is a joy.

There are so many delicious items out there, just waiting for us to devour them.  It’s truly wonderful.

However, occasionally desperation or a need for immediacy results in food tragedy.  Foods that, if they could feel emotions, would definitely feel sad.

Here are some of the saddest food items in existence.

Instant noodles cooked with water from a tea tap in the office canteen

This poor, poor food item has almost no nutritional value.


Potato dog

Can you imagine asking for a potato dog?  That would be a low point.


Microwave burgers

We fully appreciate the occasional need to have a burger ASAP, but surely there are better ways?

Counting Cats

…And their even more tragic sibling, the microwave doner kebab.  I mean, really?


Own brand cornflakes

Cornflakes are the saddest of all the cereals, put them in a bag and remove all personality from the packaging and you’ve got a veritable tragedy.

Nut loaf

Vegetarians deserve better.


Christmas dinner ready meal

No explanation necessary.


Curry in a can



Instant mashed potato

Why?  Why does this exist?


See also:  Potatoes in a can.


What say you?  Do you agree?  Are there other sad food items which should be added to our list?

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