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Can you make it through this without crying?

Challenge ACCEPTED!

YOUR CHALLENGE, SHOULD you choose to accept it, is to make it through the next few minutes without weeping.

If you get caught by a friend or family member crying at any stage, here is your rock solid excuse:

Source: Tastingtable

Right, let’s go.

Look at this little girl being told over a loudspeaker that her navy sailor father is home from overseas


girl3 Source: Imgur via Buzzfeed

You can catch more of these over at WelcomeHomeBlog.com

The Simpsons say goodbye to Mrs Krabappel

Source: DailyEdge.ie via Dave Itzkoff

This pair singing Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Source: realitychangers

Kermit says goodbye to Jim Henson

Source: Unlikelywords

The story of Christian the Lion

Source: SPFW21

Those eyes

Source: Imgur

 Remember the opening few minutes from Up? Yeah, that

Source: Imgur

These childhood feels

These Frightened Rabbit songs

Source: hearthis2

Source: bbbrzy

Source: imrandomc

 This really kind person during Hurricane Sandy

Source: Imgur

This plucky puppy

Source: Imgur

Runner helps a rival to finish a race

Source: Benjamin Rife

This really sad doodle

Source: Ben Cameron

The Frog Chorus

Source: rupertandfrog

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