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21 things you'll remember from secondary school

Cast your minds back.

THE SCHOOL YEAR has officially begun, and as it does our minds turn back to our own school days.

Thus, it’s no surprise that #secondaryschoolmemories is trending on Twitter today, and it seems only appropriate that we take a look back together at the things that featured in our teenage lives.

Writing things on your school bag/pencil case

written-on backpack Source: calaggie

A major part of telling people who you were and what you’re about.

Poking holes in the sleeves of your jumper


…and getting into massive trouble with your parents over it.

Rolling up your skirt


The shorter the better.

Going to pre-arranged after school fights

after school

Frequently, they never materialised because someone chickened out or a teacher got wind of it.  Secretly, you were probably relieved because they were scary anyway.

Smoking behind the bike shed

behind-the-bike-sheds-having-a-smoke-at-playtime-1974-from-left-to-right-pete-w Source: Friends Reunited

A tradition which has gone on for generations!

The one cool teacher that everyone liked

cool teacer

There was always at least one.

Getting sent out of class

sent out

Being frustrated by arbitrary rules

School Rules Clearly these are not arbitrary, by the way. Source: Flickr

The set of stairs you weren’t allowed to walk up, the jackets you weren’t allowed to wear because they were the wrong colour, the toilets that were only for sixth years… it all seemed so entirely pointless.

Uniform accessories which indicated certain powers

Prefect badge/pin Source: Boyce Duprey

Whether it was a prefect badge or a different coloured jumper, those powers were desirable.

Being forced to read in class


See also: Being frustrated by the person reading being slow, or the teacher’s pet who always read and gave everything gusto.

The absolute chaos if your teacher left the room


Fearfully knocking on the door of the staff room


… then trying to see as much of what was going on inside as you possibly could while your friend spoke to whichever teacher they needed to speak to.

The excitement you felt when the television was produced

Claremont High School, Television in the classroom Source: Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office

How could you possibly learn anything from a television?  You couldn’t, obviously.

The joy of a substitute teacher


Asking to go to the toilet just to get out for a minute


Constant discussions about who you were likely to marry

enda-8 Source: DailyEdge.ie

The panic you felt when you hadn’t done your homework and you were about to be found out


The teacher would go round the classroom and check on the day you didn’t do it.

Someone setting off  the fire alarm

Fire alarm Source: net_efekt


Having the same lunch every day for six years


You really didn’t think anything of it, either.

Getting off early to support the rugby/hockey/football team

schools_banner_pic Source: Irish Rugby

It didn’t really matter if you were actually interested in the result.

Cursing the day Peig/Jane Eyre/Hamlet were written

peig Source: Churchanddoorback

What are your secondary school memories?

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