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This man thinks selfie sticks are embarrassing, so he made a 'selfie arm'

It’s *very* discreet.

LOVE SELFIE STICKS, but hate the stigma attached to them? This man gets it.

A Japanese inventor going by the name Mansooon has designed a ‘selfie arm’ for exactly that reason.

CTqS43lUYAEPZha Source: Twitter/@mansooon

Speaking to the website Omocoro, Mansooon said he finds selfie sticks embarrassing because when you use one, everyone else knows you’re taking selfies.

So he decided to stick some plastic hands on an ordinary stick…

02118 Source: Omocoro

And fashion a custom extra long-sleeved shirt to cover it up…

04310 Source: Omocoro

0592 Source: Omocoro

The end result is highly discreet, unlike those selfie sticks. Virtually no one will be able to tell you’re taking photos of yourself.

CTqS45WUEAA07qb Source: Twitter/@mansooon

So… Who wants to tell him? BAGSY NOT US.

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