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This 'Selfie Brush' is the iPhone accessory you never knew you didn't need

It’s a hairbrush. For taking selfies.

JUST STOP THE world and let us off, please. We don’t want to live on a planet where a ‘selfie brush’ is an actual thing.

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Yes, you’re looking at a regular, run-of-the-mill hairbrush with a compartment in the back for an iPhone.

Launching just ahead of the iPhone 6 announcement, the selfie brush is designed to – surprise, surprise – help you take the perfect selfies. We’re sure Steve Jobs would be delighted.

SelfieBrushes Selfie Brush Selfie Brush

The manufacturers claim that it’s “easy to find” in your handbag, offers “superior phone protection” and “gives professional results”.

And you look REALLY COOL using it too, see? You just hold the handle and… Oh.

selfiebrush Amazon Amazon

selfiebrush2 Amazon Amazon

The Selfie Brush costs $20, and we’re not telling you where you can buy it. We can’t be seen to condone such things.

h/t Jezebel

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