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Sharon returned to Ireland on Catastrophe and it turned into a heartbreaking episode

Welcome to spoilertown.


Episode five of Catastrophe hit Channel 4 last night, and it started out with some bad news.

Sharon went into Fergal’s room to tell him that their dad had a stroke on the flight home:

returnhome3 Source: Channel4

His response?

“F**king Ryanair”

returnhome4 Source: Channel 4

So, the pair of them returned home and went straight to the hospital.

Where they were greeted by a particularly cheery doctor:

“The real issue is that the ambulance from the airport got caught up in the rugby match traffic. It was an exhibition match between France and Ireland so it was a pretty hot ticket to say the least”

returnhome7 Source: Channel 4

“And that was at the same time as the Ed Sheeran gig was getting out of the RDS Arena so you know, traffic wise he couldn’t have picked a worse time!”

returnhome8 Source: Channel 4

There were more quality Ryanair lines from their mam:

“I should have known when he said he could smell strawberries. Fresh fruit on Ryanair? That’ll never happen”

returnhome5 Source: Channel 4

“They didn’t even make an announcement. But credit to Des, he did the stroke quite quietly, he doesn’t like to make a fuss”

returnhome6 Source: Channel 4

People were loving it

It was then that things took a turn for the ~emotional~:

Sharon was looking through her Dad’s stuff

returnhome9 Source: Channel 4

And she found a heartbreaking letter addressed to Fergal

returnhome10 Source: Channel 4

returnhome11 Source: Channel 4

But there was something missing:

“Why didn’t I get a f**king letter?”

returnhome12 Source: Channel 4

People could relate hard

Tweet by @Lorraine Monacle Source: Lorraine Monacle/Twitter

“Is it because he’s the son? Does that make him more important?”

returnhome13 Source: Channel 4

Then there was the moment Sharon went up to chat to her Dad in bed

returnhome14 Source: Channel 4

“I’m sorry”

returnhome16 Source: Channel 4

Right at the end, Rob showed up unannounced at Sharon’s

returnhome17 Source: Channel 4

“How did you know? He’s dead. He died”

returnhome18 Source: Channel 4


So the episode ends on the whole family hugging in the doorway, with the little man’s hand rubbing Sharon’s back

returnhome15 Source: Channel 4

It was heartbreaking stuff

A great episode, but so many tears

What a rollercoaster.

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