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Twitter tells us what Alan Shatter knows*

*kind of.

JUSTICE MINISTER ALAN Shatter is getting plenty of attention right now, with the fued between himself and Mick Wallace splashed across the news.

In fact, Twitter has taken to having some fun with the story, reckoning that it may not be just penalty points Shatter knows about.

1. Shatter knows where you’re going


2. Shatter knows about the Ghostbusters

3. Shatter knows the secrets of social media

4. Shatter knows plenty of things it seems

5. Shatter knows the truth about kebabs

6. Shatter knows things you can put in a poem

7. Shatter knows how to write a romance novel

Kind of.

8. Shatter knows the wardrobe secret that has puzzled many for centuries

9.  Shatter knows how to sound like he’s in the opening to a Batman movie

10. Shatter knows a much wondered movie secret

11. Shatter knows something many of us would like to know

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