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12 things you'll remember if you ever did the 'big shop' with your mam

Dunnes wedges.

1. Being asked what breakfast cereal you wanted and basing your decision solely on which cereal had a free toy in it

One true sign of the Celtic Tiger was cereal boxes having free PC games and DVDs in them.

udg-Q_wjp1p_r5T9rQdca7VP-x8dcfThYjIgFf1ecJs Source: markymarkfro/Reddit

99% of the time the free DVD that you watched once was not worth a week of having to force yourself to eat the cereal you didn’t even like to get it.

2. The deep longing you felt towards certain things that your mam would never buy

Capri Suns that were spelled as Sun rather than Sonne were a true luxury. An even greater luxury was the rare occasion when your mam got a multipack of them that was any flavour other than orange.

PastedImage-96975 Source: Kelloggs

Poptarts, fruit winders, basically any pointless, sugary and vaguely American snack (that your mam was probably right to not buy you).

3. Dreaming of being lucky enough to go to one of those shopping centres with the toy car trolleys

Kenya Westgate Mall Re-opens Source: AP/Press Association Images

4. So much waiting around while your mam socializes

Nation's Local Foodmakers Source: Jon Super/PA Wire

People she knows? People she doesn’t know? Let a mam loose in Dunnes and she will talk to anyone.

5. Awkwardly bumping into the person your mam said bye to five times already and hearing one of them laugh and say “Are you following me?”

NY: New CEO at debt-ridden Fairway supermarkets Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

6. The excitement of going to a new shopping centre for a change

A big fancy Dunnes with a homeware section? You get to hop up on all the beds like Francis Brennan.

90430947_90430947 Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

7. Working up the courage to sneak something into the trolley

8. Praying your mam is in a good enough mood to get you something in the deli

PastedImage-60691 Source: Mikey/Flickr

Nothing like a paper cup full of potato wedges with a tablespoon of mayonnaise on top.

 9. The power struggle with your sibling over who gets to push the trolley

bart lisa fight

10. That could escalate into full on violence when it comes to deciding who gets to bring the trolley back

get down Source: Giphy

How did our mams ever put up with us?

11. The obsession mams have with paying with the exact amount

12. The 30 seconds of joy when your mam gives you change for one of these

PastedImage-30917 Source: Jelene Morris/Flickr

Or alternatively just sitting in it imagining what life could be like if you had €2.

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