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Should eggs be stored in the fridge? The Answer.

The Food Safety of Authority saw the debate on Monday’s Burning Question – and came up with a definitive response.

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REMEMBER MONDAY’S BURNING Question on TheJournal.ie? In our weekly fun poll, we asked you whether eggs should be stored in the fridge or at room temperature at home.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland came back to us with a definitive response.

Q: Do you store eggs in the fridge?

A: Eggs should be kept at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and it’s important that the temperature they’re stored at doesn’t fluctuate too much.  The reason for this is if the storage temperature fluctuates quite widely, this can affect the shelf-life and quality of the eggs.  They should also be stored upright to protect the air sac.

As shops generally operate within a controlled temperature/environment, refrigeration is not necessary and as this is not a food safety matter, storage at the shop’s ambient temperature is considered to be acceptable.

The situation changes when the consumer brings the eggs home, as the temperature may vary dramatically and may not be consistent in the home environment.  Therefore, it is advisable that the eggs are stored in a fridge, either in the egg box or the designated shelf storage designed for eggs, to ensure they are stored at a constant temperature.

So there you go. You’re welcome.

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