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10 signs that you are devoted to shopping at Tiger

The posh Danish €2 shop that will slowly take over your life.

HAVE YOU ANSWERED the call of Tiger yet?

The Danish answer to the €2 shop first hit our shores in 2011, and is now providing a higgledy-piggeldy mix of random objects to folks in Dublin, Galway and Cork.

Since 2011, Tiger has gradually amassed a legion of cult fans in Ireland who will defend it to the death. How do you know you’re a Tiger fan? Well…

You quite literally cannot stop yourself from going into one as you pass by

tigershop Source: Facebook/Tiger Ireland

The pull of Tiger is irresistible. All those low-cost fancy goods…

You get frustrated with people who have clearly come in the wrong way


stay-out-my-territory-o Source: Wordpress

You are aware that it’s quite difficult to find something not covered in moustaches

1601475_picture_4986_1 Source: Tiger

Moustache-shaped scouring sponges, eh? How delightfully quirky! We’ll take five packets.

You have bought gifts in there, and you are not ashamed of it

rs_434x261-131226143040-parks-and-recreation-lesley-present-trash-filled-with-trash-1387362216A Source: Eonline

Your office Secret Santa recipient was only delighted to receive a bunch of cutesy crap from Tiger, you’re sure of it.

You have every type of kitchen utensil, regardless of whether you need it or not

tigerutensils Source: Tiger

Cheese slicer, meat thermometer, tea infusers. Just in case.

You also own things you can’t possibly explain

A harmonica. Three packets of googly eyes with lashes. A miniscule storage tin, patterned with Russian dolls. Why? Errr…

giphy Source: Giphy

You actually get mad when they don’t have the phone charger you need in stock

tigercharger Source: Tiger

You mean I actually have to go somewhere else and spend more than €7 on this thing? You’re having a laugh.

You talk about it all the time

Saying “Yeah, I got it in Tiger!” is now as natural to you as “Thanks, Penneys”.

loudly Source: Wordpress

You have an expert ‘Tiger sense’

Basically, this is your brain:

tigerlocation Source: Tiger

“I just realised I desperately need a peach-coloured candle. There is a Tiger store approximately *sniffs the air* three kilometres away.”

You know it’s nothing more than a €2 shop, but it still makes you feel fancy

tigerstore Source: Geograph.org.uk

Those expertly designed Danish products. That clearly laid out shop floor. Heaven.

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