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19 things you'll only know if you went to NUI Galway

Doing Arts – majoring in English, minoring in Supermacs.

GALWAY STUDENTS, this is your life. In reverse. One Supermacs at a time.

1. How mad the first year parties were in Corrib Village

Like these messers…

And this wee pup…

2. How to get the shift after a post-club Supermacs on Eyre Square

Or at least tried to. During Rag Week (RIP) it’s kind of more like a festival than a fast food place. At least if you don’t find a feen or a beor, you can always walk away with some taco fries and a slightly-more-intact sense of dignity.

Bonus points if you only EVER refer to it as “Shmacks”.

theviewinside / YouTube

3. You sat next to Martin Sheen in the library once and have lived off the anecdote ever since

Yep. President Josiah Bartlet enrolled in NUIG in 2006 and stayed for a semester. He studied English lit, philosophy and theology. Typical Arts student then, eh?

PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

4. You remember the times before Rag Week was cancelled

And the reasons why it was cancelled. Well, maybe “remember” is a strong word. Suffice it to say, Rag Week was intense.

RTE News RTE News

But those hazy memories will live on forever… Immortalised in memes if nothing else.

garda Facebook / NUIG Memes Facebook / NUIG Memes / NUIG Memes

5. But you don’t miss Donegal Tuesday in The Hole In The Wall

Ah yes, Donegal Tuesday. Annual event where students get up at about 7am to queue to go drinking. And why? Well, er… Because reasons.

6. Best fish and chips is to be found in McDonagh’s

It’s not just for the tourists. They’re the best for soakage, hangovers and just because chips are sometimes a key part of getting through the day.

McDonagh's at Galway sofiagk sofiagk

irishjaunt irishjaunt

7. The Big Yellow Thing on the concourse was a popular meeting spot – but no one knew what the hell it was

No, but really. What is it?

Whatever it is, it’s actually inspired an art project. According to the NUIG SU:

The Big Yellow Thing (originating from NUI, Galway) is an artistic project that aims to create modern and exclusive apparel for students, staff, visitors and alumni of all National Universities of Ireland. Michelle Campion from Tuam, Co. Galway developed The Big Yellow Thing and is studying the MSc. in Neuropharmacology.

Facebook / NUIG Memes Facebook / NUIG Memes / NUIG Memes

8. Smokey’s Pigeon

Ah, the infamous and incomparable Smokey’s Pigeon. He even has his own column in the university paper Sin. Basically, he’s a bird. Or possibly several birds – you know, that all look the same. Because they are pigeons. Anyway, Smokey’s cafe is his hangout.

9. Despite going to college there for years, you never took Galway’s scenery for granted

Driving back in from home and spotting the stone walls and the craggy coast gave you a thrill, every time. (And still does, to be honest.)

phalinn phalinn

10. Races Week got away with it, despite Rag Week getting banned

Cos it seems it’s one rule for students, and one rule for the adults. Deeply unfair.

11. The best sambo around can be got in Wards

Undisputed champions of the sandwich and/or roll game.

Facebook / Wards Cprner Store Facebook / Wards Cprner Store / Wards Cprner Store

12. All the other food (…Shmacks aside)

Bialann is way too dear. And don’t even get us started on the price of an apple in Friars. College Bar dinners were a rare treat – but pizzas after a gruelling session in the Hardiman? Delish. And don’t even get us started on getting coffee in Java’s.

And, of course, going to Vivo for a roll if Supermacs was wedged.

13. If the notes were on Blackboard, that was one class you weren’t getting up for

Well, in first year at least. By the time final year rolled around, you realised that this wasn’t the best tactic when it came to exams.

QuickMeme QuickMeme

14. There was an unwritten rule that every lecture began at 10 past the hour, never on time

One staffer was reliably informed of this rule by an actual lecturer. Yep.

Feel Afraid Feel Afraid

 15. €3 pints of Fosters in College Bar

€3 is very difficult to argue with. But argue against it you must. Especially around exam or assignment times.

16. The librarian protecting the building as if it was Fort Knox

Fair play to the librarians all the same. If YOU found the chit chat in the Reading Room annoying, imagine how the library staff felt. (But we won’t mention the plug situation.)

17. You’ve definitely followed this night out trajectory

And you remember when the GPO was the place to be on Monday nights.

Facebook / It's Jimmy Facebook / It's Jimmy / It's Jimmy

18. The top floor of Cuba was the best venue when it was open

Club Kennedy, Club Pi, Fibbers, and the rest. And for the old school Galwegians, The River Inn  was where it was at. And some people-watching in Neachtains, of course.

Barnacles Hostels Barnacles Hostels

19. The hectic scramble for tickets for the Arts Ball

A serious matter. You didn’t want to miss out on the craic, now, did you?

STVGalway / YouTube

Did you go to NUIG? Let us know your memories in the comments. Gaillimb Abú!

(Yes, Trinity have had their spin of the wheel. As have UCCUCD and DCU.)

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