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9 undeniable signs that you love pizza just a little bit too much

Food of the gods.

SINCE THE DAWN of time, has there ever been a foodstuff more delicious than pizza? Cheese, bread, sauce, and delicious delicious meat, all in one spectacular dish. Damn.

Firstly, let us state – it is in our opinion that loving pizza too much isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very admirable quality in a person. Well done you.

No one ever asks you what you want to eat, because they already know the answer


tumblr_ms8nguvaYi1qiajg2o1_500 Source: Tumblr

You think pizza is the perfect meal for every occasion, casual or formal


You wish Apache’s Communion Packages were around in your day.

You’re wondering where you can get this bedding

pizzabedforcargo_900 Source: Claire Manganiello

(You can’t – yet. It’s a conceptual design by artist Claire Manganiello. Sorry.)

You have gotten into arguments about what toppings are and are not welcome on a pizza

roflbot (4) Source: Flickr/Mary St.Germain-Brown

You’ll fight to the death to defend your right to pineapple-free pizza.

You’re tempted by the pizza cake

lWqlUKt Source: Imgur

You’re the go-to person for pizza recommendations

giphy Source: Giphy

Because you’ve sampled every single place in town.

Leftover pizza is your favourite breakfast

leftoverpizza Source: Flickr/rick

Brunch? Please. Heated up, or left cold – second-day pizza is simply divine.

Your dream is to order a wagon wheel all for yourself, some day

wagonwheel Source: Lyoness.net

You’re working up to it.

And this article has you salivating

jt Source: Edgecastcdn

…Is it too late to get some pizza?

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