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12 signs that you are the 'mam' of your friend group

You say “Text me when you get home” and by god you mean it.

EVERY GROUP OF pals has a ‘mam friend’, but how do you know if it’s you? Well, you’ll relate to all of these things.

1. You always have painkillers on you

You get the picture Source: Instagram/caspermelloww

And tampons. And chewing gum. And a hair brush. And anything else you or your friends might need at any given time.

2. You’re very concerned about everyone staying hydrated and well-fed on nights out

Catch you at the bar roaring “A PINT OF WATER WITH ICE PLEASE.”

3. You’re constantly aware of the group being ‘too loud’ or disruptive

giphy Source: Giphy

That’s you there, making apologetic faces at the waiters.

4. And you’re usually the one trying to get them under control when things get rowdy

d1bc8732153489b4aee0941ed74f15de Source: Pinterest

“Is he trying to climb up on the bar again? OH FOR GOD’S SAKE GET DOWN.”

5. But you’ll defend them to the last

excusemeno Source: tumblr

“God, your mates are mental. That Sarah one…”

“*eyes turn red* Yeah? What about her?”

5. And big up their achievements like a proud parent would

oAzK8 Source: Popkey

7. You always end up sitting in front and making chat with the taxi driver

Everyone trusts you to distract the driver with talk of League of Ireland and the government while they sup from their sneaky naggins.

8. You just naturally take to organising things

While everyone else is dillydallying over what pub to go to, you’ve come up with a list of possible venues while taking into account everyone’s preferences and how you’re going to get there. You are a professional.

9. You have said “Text me when you get home” and you expect a text

You’re not just saying that. You need to know for your own sanity.

10. You don’t get mad when your friends do something stupid. Just ‘disappointed’

giphy Source: Giphy

And for some reason this makes them instantly guilty? IDK.

11. Truly, though? You resent being the mam friend

“How’d this happen? This is not me,” you think, doling out Panadol. But it is you. And you’re just going to have to accept it.

12. But at the same time, everyone loves you for it


You’re an essential member of the group. Embrace it.

H/T @incogellen

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