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The 'sneaky naggin' is Ireland's grandest tradition and must be celebrated

Our greatest skill.

A NEW REPORT has found that Ireland has the most expensive alcohol prices in the EU, at almost double the average.

Cg7e2RmXEAAX8yn Source: Twitter/@ChrisGoslin

Is it any wonder then that the sneaky naggin (AKA the practice of smuggling a bottle of alcohol into somewhere you shouldn’t) is one of Ireland’s grandest traditions?

In fact, it just might be our people’s greatest skill, and it must be celebrated.

It’s a great money-saving technique

It should be commended, actually. We’re BUDGETING.

And involves the highest levels of deception

You have to know the exact spot in your jeans/tights/underwear to place the naggin in order to avoid the dreaded Square Crotch of Doom.

Or the highest levels of boldness

Hairbrush or vodka storage?😏 No more problemmms👌 #SneakyNaggin #BestIdea Merci @cianh12

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You thought this water bottle actually contained water? HAH!

It also can be responsible for some of the most stressful moments of your life

giphy Source: Giphy

You’ll never sweat like you sweat during a patdown when you’re concealing a naggin.

But there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you successfully get it in


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Everyone has done it at least once…

naggin-3-752x501 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Ah, the debs. Home to the sneakiest naggins of all. (Yes, that’s her dad helping her. As every good father should.)

…So it’s high time we own our scaldy tendencies

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Long live the sneaky naggin.

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