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Some joker drew a penis on a frozen river, and now no one can get rid of it


CZCHWTcWAAAicow Source: The Local/Ake Lindgren

IF THERE’S A snowfall and you didn’t draw a penis in it, did the snow even fall at all?

Locals in the Swedish city of Gothenburg are disgusted and offended by a drawing of a penis which appeared overnight on a frozen moat. But can’t the council get rid of it and restore peace and harmony to the area? No.

According to The Local, park employees can’t remove the drawing because the ‘artist’ cleverly drew it on very thin ice. How they did this, no one has explained.


As for the director of the Gothenburg Parks department? His thoughts on the snow penis basically amount to:

[I can] understand both those who think that the penis is offensive and those who only see the fun in it all.

The penis shall remain there until warmer weather melts it away, or another snowfall covers it over. Brilliant work.

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