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6 ways smartphones have completely changed travelling

Sure you wouldn’t go to the shops without your phone, let alone around the world.

CAN YOU EVEN remember how different our lives were before mobile phones came along?

Cast to the Dark Ages are the times when you’d wait for a friend at a strictly appointed hour, or hog your family’s landline, or actually use a payphone.

Being out of the country these days is a whole different ball game too – and here’s why.

1. Connecting flights are way less painful

Phones are pretty much a handheld personal entertainment system. Films, TV shows, streaming – you name it, your phone can do it. That means that waiting around in airports has become less a thing to dread and more a chance to look forward to catching up on your stories.

hanoi Source: Shutterstock

2. You can soundtrack your entire trip

Before the era of libraries of music at your fingertips, we had to just view stunning mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes to silence. Now we can listen to majestic music, close our eyes and imagine we’re the hero in a film.

Source: myBeatclub/YouTube

3. Always have a video camera to hand

Speaking of films, you really can be the star. The days of the stereotypical tourist lugging around their video camera are long past us – these days we can all snap and go, at the touch of a screen.

Source: Wirld Organisation/YouTube

4. Selfies at historic monuments

Speaks for itself.

lincoln_selfie Source: ercwttmn

5. Making mates jealous has never been easier

Long distance phone calls and scribbling postcards from the wilds have been replaced by Instagram snaps, Facebook statuses and jealousy-inducing tweets. It’s a digital scrapbook, except it has the added bonus of driving your mates at home up the wall.

6. The memories are with you wherever you go

Any time you feel like reliving your favourite moment from your holidays, all you have to do is take out your phone.

shutterstock_161489357 Source: Shutterstock

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