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Here's why #SoundsOfSodomy is trending in Ireland, in case you were puzzled

People are going nuts. Pun intended.

EARLIER TODAY, DCU media lecturer Steve Conlon posted an image of this leaflet on Twitter.

He said it was handed to a member of a family in Wicklow.

Tweet by @Steve Conlon Source: Steve Conlon/Twitter

The leaflet purports to be part of a Christian campaign for a vote against marriage equality in the upcoming referendum.

It asks “Should children be exposed to sounds of sodomy?” and adds: “Should the sounds of sodomy echo in the halls of a Christian home?”

The leaflet does not identify an individual or organisation behind it, and it has not been possible to confirm its authenticity as part of an anti-marriage-equality campaign – or how many people received it.

But Twitter knows a catchy slogan when it sees it. And before long…

Tweet by @Trendsmap Ireland Source: Trendsmap Ireland/Twitter

There were Simon and Garfunkel references

Tweet by @Kevin McGee Source: Kevin McGee/Twitter

There were future predictions

Tweet by @Dave Source: Dave/Twitter

There were programming ideas

Tweet by @Paddy Duffy Source: Paddy Duffy/Twitter

There was sympathy

Tweet by @Donncha Source: Donncha/Twitter

Some novices requested guidance

Tweet by @Ronan McManus Source: Ronan McManus/Twitter

While others just thought of the children

Tweet by @Eoghan Breathnach Source: Eoghan Breathnach/Twitter

Finally, there was a minor alteration to the Angelus

Tweet by @Not The RTÉ Guide Source: Not The RTÉ Guide/Twitter

But the greatest revelation of all was that there is actually a German metal band called Sounds of Sodomy. Obviously.

As Joe O’Shea - who discovered this – observes, they even shout: “WIR WAREN SOUNDS OF SODOMY”:

Source: ColdRealm/YouTube

(That song’s title translates as “The Smegma Koala”, by the way. Don’t ask us.)

The sounds of sodomy are everywhere.

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