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Spaghetti-flavoured ice pops are actually a thing

In Japan, obviously. The HORROR.

JUST AS WE were getting over the disgusting looking cheese chips for sale in McDonald’s Japan, more unappetising foodstuffs appear from the East.

Japanese company Gari-Gari Kun (which loosely translates to Crunchy Crunchy Boy, in case you were wondering) have released a limited edition spaghetti-flavoured ice pop.

According to Kotaku, the lollies contain bits of ‘tomato jelly’ in a Neapolitan flavoured ice cream.


spaghettilolly Source: Twitter/@jun_127

The company that make the ice pops have produced other interesting flavours in the past, including stew and rice cake flavours.

Unsurprisingly, Japanese Twitter users say they don’t taste so good. Dinner for dessert? No thank you. Give us sweets or give us death.

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