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Spectacular sights due as Jupiter and the Moon come together

Take a look up at the sky tonight to see Jupiter and the Moon blaze brighter than ever.

The Moon and Jupiter as they appeared in September 1990
The Moon and Jupiter as they appeared in September 1990
Image: Astronomy Ireland

THE MOON AND Jupiter will blaze brightly in the sky this evening in what is known in astronomy circles as a conjunction.

“There will be a spectacular sight in the sky tonight as the moon and Jupiter will be placed very close together,” David Moore of Astronomy Ireland explained to TheJournal.ie.

“As Jupiter passes the Earth, a conjunction is going to happen every month for the next few months but this one will be the most brilliant,” he said.

The gas giant Jupiter will look about ten times brighter than the brightest star in the sky, added Moore.

He encouraged people to take out a telescope and examine the planet, which will look like a disc in the sky. The planet’s moons will also be visible.

However, the sight will be impressive even to the naked eye, added Moore.

Fore more information, check out Astronomy Ireland’s website>

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