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Here's why those Spotify playlists have taken over Irish Twitter

Romance isn’t dead.

THREE DAYS AGO Twitter user Hannah Woodley told her crush that she liked them by making them a playlist.

Despite what you’re probably thinking, it wasn’t by making her crush listen to songs cryptically describing her feelings, but rather through putting the songs in order to literally say “I like you”.

“I made a playlist for my crush” has since been turned into a hilarious meme that Irish Twitter users have taken full advantage of.

Here’s the original playlist that started the trend:

title Source: Hannah Woodley/Twitter

1 Source: Hannah Woodley/Twitter

2 Source: Hannah Woodley/Twitter

3 Source: Hannah Woodley/Twitter

4 Source: Hannah Woodley/Twitter

Since the original, the remakes of the playlists have covered everything.

1. From Tallafornia:

hugh1 Source: Hugh Egan/Twitter

hugh2 Source: Hugh Egan/Twitter

cormac Source: Hugh Egan/Twitter

2. To soft drinks:


4. To the Pink Windmill Kids:

conan1 Source: ConanGShore/Twitter

conan2 Source: ConanGShore/Twitter

conan3 Source: ConanGShore/Twitter

Source: VideotapeFTW/YouTube

5. To getting a united Ireland:

6. Then there’s one to Jeremy from Peep Show:

jeremy title Source: millie!/Twitter

jeremy1 Source: millie!/Twitter

jeremy2 Source: millie!/Twitter

 7. One dedicated to that video:

emma1 Source: Emma/Twitter

emma2 Source: Emma/Twitter

ema3 Source: Emma/Twitter

emma4 Source: Emma/Twitter

emma5 Source: Emma/Twitter

8. One dedicated to Jesy from Little Mix’s iconic Jamaican accent:

Source: Geoff Miller/YouTube

9. And one dedicated to the kids who didn’t flush their toilet

well titl Source: emma/Twitter

well1 Source: emma/Twitter

well2 Source: emma/Twitter

well3 Source: emma/Twitter

Source: lingmac2000/YouTube

10. One about Freddos

11. Even one for the people who hate this MeMe

badc1 Source: Bad Sea/Twitter

badc2 Source: Bad Sea/Twitter

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