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'Starter packs' are the latest craze on Twitter, here's what they're all about

DailyEdge.ie starter kit starter kit.

AN IMAGE-BASED craze is sweeping Twitter… The Starter Pack.

The meme takes a number of pictures – usually four – that are related to a certain stereotype, ethnic or cultural group, celebrity or individual person, and groups them together into one ‘kit’.

The trend has gained massively in popularity in the past couple of days:


Many of the ‘packs’ thus far are related to USA culture or groups, and have been criticised for often taking a racial slant:

There is already an @IrishStarterPacks Twitter account (with the requisite Irish Water reference): 

Some more for your perusal:

 ’I own an iPhone starter pack

Dublin girlo weekend starter pack

Grey’s Anatomy starter kit

‘Lickarse’ starter kit

Smoked weed once starter pack

The mam starter pack

The backlash has already begun though:

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