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10 reasons why you're a genius for staying in tonight

It’s the best idea you’ve ever had.

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CONGRATS! THE MOST depressing week of the year is over. But how to celebrate? We feel that not moving a muscle is simply the best option.

The first week back at work has been too taxing

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But you made it. You’re here. Now reward yourself with a good sit down.

It feels so good to be applying your pyjamas/comfiest tracksuit bottoms again

Mom came home from work today and said she had a surprise for me. I was like Woohoo some treats and then she put these on me. Trick or treat??? I could be the new mascot for Wonder Bread Source: Instagram/senior_dane_brothers

You thought you wouldn’t miss them after you shed them last Sunday, but you really, really do.

And if you close your eyes, it could almost be Christmas again

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Don’t stop believing. Hold on to that feeling.

Another night of drinking would just be excessive

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You have your detox to consider, anyway

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“I can’t go out. The personal trainer I employed in a fit of January madness does not approve of any wine-related activities.”

You need to take down the Christmas decorations

*You’re definitely going to leave it until the exact moment you should be going to bed on Sunday night. But ssshh.

Payday is so, so far away

Lunch was beans on WHITE toast because that is the best Source: Instagram/charlotteninaw

Go out tonight, and it’ll be beans for dinner from now until the last week in January. And nobody wants that.

And it’s turned awful cold

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Best not go outside.

Besides, you really need to finish Making A Murderer

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Everyone at work is dying to chat about it, but you are holding them back.

With that in mind, it is your civic duty to stay in tonight

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You’re doing yourself and your country proud.

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