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Here's how Stephen Fry was tricked into mistaking himself for a Polish builder
Yes, really.

SO HOW DO you go about convincing Stephen Fry that he has a Polish builder doppelgänger?

You start with this Buzzfeed article.


(In case you are confused – that is not Hugh Laurie. Really. It is in fact a Russian plumber who looks like Hugh Laurie.)

Inspired by the picture, Twitter funnyman @MrNickHarvey tweeted a picture of Stephen Fry with a similar caption.

Unfortunately, no one got that it was actually a picture of Stephen Fry.

Including Stephen Fry.

We know – it’s impossible to believe that he wasn’t just playing along, but eventually the penny dropped.

Oh Stephen. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.

Meanwhile, Nick’s pretty delighted with himself:

So really it’s quite simple to convince Stephen Fry he has a doppelgänger, because as it turns out, Stephen Fry doesn’t recognise his own face.

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