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# 37th amendment
Explainer: What is the upcoming blasphemy referendum about?
Nearly one in three voters are unsure how they’ll vote in the referendum on 26 October.
# advice for men
Stephen Fry is recovering from prostate cancer surgery
The actor said he has been “in the throes of a rather unwelcome and unexpected adventure”.
# The Meaning of Life
Stephen Fry says he was 'enchanted' to be caught up in blasphemy row
He described our “unworkable” blasphemy legislation as “a wonderfully Irish solution”.
# Private Members' Bill
'The joke is actually on us': Dáil to decide on bill to abolish blasphemy as a crime
The Social Democrats have brought proposals, citing the recent example of the complaint made against Stephen Fry.
# first openly gay teashop
Stephen Fry made a joke about Ireland's 'first openly gay teashop' and some people took him too literally
Oh dear.
# The Meaning of Life
New Zealand wants to scrap its blasphemy laws after Ireland's Stephen Fry probe
“I didn’t think we had it, I thought it had gone,” New Zealand’s Catholic leader Bill English said about its own law.
# Careful Now
Most people would vote to remove the offence of blasphemy from the Constitution
A Claire Byrne Live poll found that 52% of people believe there should be a referendum on the issue.
# The Meaning of Life
Simon Harris says Ireland's blasphemy laws are 'silly' and 'embarrassing'
It’s been suggested by experts that our current blasphemy laws are ‘unenforceable’.
'If there was a creator of the universe, it wouldn't need its feelings protected by Dermot Ahern'
Until the X Case happened, most people believed that the State would never seek an injunction to prevent a raped teenager from leaving the country, writes Michael Nugent.
# Meaning of Life
Gardaí 'not commenting' on complaint of blasphemy against Stephen Fry
Fry faces a maximum fine of €25,000.
# The Meaning of Life
Interview where Stephen Fry tells Gay Byrne God is evil is up for an award
“How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault. It’s not right. “
# i tweet therefore...
This is why people online like to be offended so much
After an online backlash against Stephen Fry, an expert explains online outrage.
# qi-iz
Can You Guess the Real QI Facts?
Fact or fiction…?
# Bloomsday
David Norris: The most common advice about reading Ulysses is 'absolute rubbish'
“If you’re bored or confused, forget about it, move on.”
# beyond bloomsday
David Norris on Stephen Fry and replacing wombs with 'bazookas'
This is going to be one LIVELY conversation.
# marriage ref
The Yes campaign's message went all around the world - here's how
From New York to Perth, and a lot of places in between.
# send love home
Stephen Fry just shared this touching video of Irish diaspora appealing for a Yes vote
“I wish Irish people the same joy I’ve found.”
# back with a bang
Stephen Fry is desperate to meet one Irish superstar...
It would be a meeting of minds.
# Stephen Fry
The former Archbishop of Canterbury gave an interesting comeback to Stephen Fry's God tirade
His reply is deep. Real deep.
# tom f***ing cruise
The 10 best, oddest, and most awkward moments from the 2015 BAFTAs
Including Stephen Fry getting the shift.
# Meaning of Life
Stephen Fry surprised at 'explosion' of reaction after THAT Gay Byrne interview
Speaking this morning, Fry said that he was astonished by the reaction to his RTÉ interview.
# handy reminder
Richard Branson had to write Gay Byrne's name on his hand to remember who he was
Gay who?
# Deep Byrne
7 Gaybo reactions to the struggles of everyday life
Gaybo understands your problems. And will react accordingly.
# Meaning of Life
The 7 best moments from Gaybo's interview with Stephen Fry last night
The interview we were all waiting for didn’t disappoint.
# Pardon
Benedict Cumberbatch appeals for pardon for gay men convicted of 'indecency'
Stephen Fry is also one of the signatories of an open letter calling on the British government to pardon the men.
# The Meaning of Life
Gay Byrne does NOT look impressed with Stephen Fry talking about an 'evil God'
He even asked Fry, “You think you’re going to get in on that?”
# The Meaning of Life
Watch Gay Byrne react to Stephen Fry's scathing response to question about God
Everything about this is amazing.
# Wedding Bells
'We go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one': Stephen Fry is married
Like his engagement announcement, Fry told the world of the marriage through a tweet.
# the dredge
Miley Cyrus was allegedly photographed in a 'drug den'... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity filth.
# Wedding Bells
Stephen Fry is marrying his 27-year-old partner, he confirms on Twitter
The comedian and Elliot Spencer reportedly began their relationship last summer.
Stephen Fry is in Dublin and just tweeted his own (accidentally) X-rated version of Molly Malone
Dublin’s fair city where the girls are so pretty…
# iphone 6
7 preposterous revelations from the iPhone 6 reviews
We have officially lost the run of ourselves.
# olaf
Here's how Stephen Fry was tricked into mistaking himself for a Polish builder
Yes, really.
# by jeeves
Fry and Laurie's amazing Twitter chat about the Queen
These guys.
13 brilliantly gas moments from last night's BAFTAs
They really should have just kept the camera on Emma Thompson all night.
Someone has made a Lego version of Team Panti
There’s Madonna, there’s Stephen Fry, there’s someone from the St Patrick’s Day parade…
# Going Viral
Stephen Fry joins Panti's supporters by tweeting video to 6.5 million followers
Panti’s Noble Call has now been viewed more than 200,000 times.
# the wild life
Stephen Fry narrates a chipmunk Matrix-style fight on telly tonight
BBC One’s Hidden Kingdoms is back.
# Homosexual propaganda
Protest to take place at Russian embassy in Dublin over 'anti-gay laws'
The signing of a controversial law which prohibits the dissemination of so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’ to minors in Russia has been widely criticised.
# LGBT Rights
Stephen Fry compares Putin to Hitler, calls for Olympics to be moved from Russia
The author, comedian and activist says Russia should be stripped of its right to hold the games over its passing of anti-LGBT laws, which criminalise those who engage in “gay propaganda”.