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9 signs you've been living without storage for too long

You never thought you’d grow up to be an adult dreaming of storage solutions, did you?

MODERN LIVING IN many parts of Ireland means that lots of people are living in apartments.

Tiny apartments made of paper with virtually no storage.  Thus, many people are living in what we affectionately call ‘storage hell’.

If you are one of those people, you will be familiar with these signs which indicate that you have been there too long.

There are no clear spaces in your apartment

the stuff around me (my old apartment) Source: Scott Thieman

For a special occasion, you’ll clear a space to have dinner, but most of the time the table is used as a storage space.

Every time you open your drawers stuff pops out

gma Source: Good Morning America

You have to carefully squeeze everything back in as you close it to make it shut.

Your laundry basket is always full

Laundry cats Source: bovinity

There isn’t enough room in your wardrobe for all your clothes if they’re clean.

Countless things that should not be visible are constantly on display in your home

christmas balls Oh those? We were hoping you wouldn't look up... We just don't have anywhere to put them. Source: guy schmidt

Your Christmas decorations may not be up all year but they are certainly visible.  That’s because you have to put them on top of the presses in your kitchen because there is LITERALLY NO WHERE ELSE.

Your oven is never empty

n41XFY6 Source: Imgur

It’s a perfectly legitimate place to store things.

You’re afraid to open your hot press

TrvQHzv Forget the cat, imagine having a hot press this big with this much empty space in it! Source: Imgur

God only knows what might fall out and hit you on the head.

Ikea is your happy place

IKEA Source: We Make Noise!

All the perfectly organised pretend rooms full of pretend stuff make you feel like you could possibly have a home like that someday.

This image makes you want to weep

Clever storage space - Imgur Source: Imgur

Imagine!  Imagine having all those options!

You’re insanely jealous of anyone with an attic

Ladder Source: Nina J. G.

Sure you could fire anything up there!  Anything!  Your suitcases wouldn’t have to constantly be on display!  You’d have somewhere to put the Christmas tree! You could even… gasp… put away your summer clothes!

You dream of one day things getting better


No literally, you’ve had that dream, and you didn’t want to wake up.

Are you struggling with a lack of storage?  Share your pain with us in the comments.

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