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13 signs your Supermac's addiction has gone too far

It’s the greatest place on earth.

WE ALL LOVE a good Supermac’s. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

1. You can eat Supermac’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

2. There is nothing on the menu you won’t eat

But it helps if it’s a Supermac and some taco fries.

Supermacs is the place to be Source: br_wneyes

3. You’d eat it literally any time, any place

Train or bus etiquette? Not when Supermac’s is involved.

4. You were devastated the Supermac’s in Coppers was an April Fools joke

5. The first port of call in a new county is finding the local Supermacs

amacs Source: Google Maps

6. You can TASTE the difference between the sauce in Dublin and Galway

7. You know you can’t get a finer chicken wrap

Chicken-Wrap-Garlic_L Source: Supermacs

8. You would even WEAR Supermacs if you could

9. You’re an expert orderer at this stage

Just landed in Kerry and this is my first stop. MY BABY WANTS JUNK FOOD Source: lindasrandoms

You don’t even have to look at the menu.

10. And you get annoyed when people are faffing about at the till

BwVMOqsCAAAKGG9 Source: Art McCarrick

11. Supermac’s vouchers are better than actual cash

12. This moment made you feel super proud

10703909_10152334580897186_3620075586053068662_n Source: Galway Independent, Facebook

13. Because you know that the ice cream muffins tops a McFlurry ANY day

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