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Sweden's newest ice pop looks like a penis

Well, that’s what the locals think.

THE PEOPLE OF Sweden have taken to the internet in their droves to have a jolly good laugh about their newest ice pop.

Source: GB Glace

The X-Pop made its debut in Swedish shops this month and consumers couldn’t help but notice that it looked rather like a penis when it was removed from the packet.

This image – posted to the official website of ice-cream maker GB Glace –  reveals all.

Source: GB Glass

Further pictures posted to the ice-cream maker’s official Facebook page certainly seem to suggest the same thing.

Source: Facebook

The official GB Glass website describes the X-Pop as:

Playful ice with exciting flavor combinations of cola, strawberry, fruit bubble gum and lemon-lime, cover with fruit bubble gum flavor and candy that pops in your mouth when you eat it.

We’re guessing the description really doesn’t help.

Source: Giphy

Marketing director Martin Sanden told Swedish newspaper Expressen that the X-Pop was just one of ten new products the company planned to launch this spring, and said he couldn’t understand why people thought the ice pop looked like a dildo.

Sure you can’t Martin. Sure. XXX-Pop anyone?

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