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# all the lols
The science-backed reason you should watch stand-up comedy before a meeting
Nope, it’s not a waste of your time, it’s training you to be more cognitively flexible (tell your boss!).
# coffee snobs
Hipsters Love Coffee perfectly captures the snobs you meet in a cafe
How do you take yours?
# Mad Man
A young floppy-haired Jon Hamm fails to get the shift on 90s dating show
Did we mention the hair?
# pain train
London Overground sends cheeky Twitter reply to man running late for work
It’s basically a lesson in how NOT to deal with angry people.
# That's Gr8
Brilliant boarding pass gives passenger a rather rude compliment
You could say it’s hil-air-ious.
# don't hassle the hoff
Fancy a terrifying David Hasselhoff statue for the house? You can buy this one
He’s worth about €20,000.
# we're done
Angry boyfriend in Wexford posts bitter DoneDeal ad
Hell hath no fury like a Wexford man scorned.
# XXX-Pop
Sweden's newest ice pop looks like a penis
Well, that’s what the locals think.
# oh grow up
14 deeply unfortunate foreign words for everyday things
You’re never too old for a childish chuckle.
Clever Reading and Leeds Festivals poster gets musical line-up just right
You could never say no to a show like this one.
# beyoncé in dublin
Dublin barman spills the beans about what happened when he served Beyonce
We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.
# Holy Matrimoney
Need a wife? This bride to be from Cork is yours for €50
Don’t tell the bride.
# mind yourself
This Waterford warning sign is wonderfully Irish
You’d be hard pushed to ignore it.
# Gogglebox
9 gas Gogglebox moments the internet can't stop talking about
The Channel 4 show made a hugely popular return.
# The name game
This lad lost a drunk poker bet and got a ridiculous new name
It only took him five years to find out.
# whoops
This Channel 4 subtitle gaffe is amusingly apt
No wonder viewers got a fit of the giggles.
# they do move in herds
There's an Irish Jurassic Park musical
65 million years in the making.
# Adele Dazim
John Travolta mangling this name is the biggest Oscars FAIL
There’s no concealing our feelings on this one.
# Snakin'
Liam Neeson burned the backside off Ireland on Jimmy Kimmel last night
There’s quite simply no beating the big fella from Ballymena.
# It's curtains for you
This Herald Scotland headline is the best one you'll see today
They won’t weasel their way out of this one easily.
# Priceless Surprises
MasterCard's BRIT Award sponsorship backfired spectacularly on Twitter
They got a BRIT of a priceless surprise this morning.
# Royal Telling Off
Helen Mirren gives the Queen a right telling off* in this brilliant snap
*Well, sort of: It certainly looks like she does anyway.
# Bad Language
This college appeal for language experts is littered with language errors
English lessons might not be such a bad idea after all.
# pedi
This woman's screams tell you all you need to know about fish pedicures
Wish you were her?
# all the lols
New York man in court for laughing too loud
Ah here.