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The 12 tastes of an Irish childhood

Our taste-buds were simpler back then.

THESE TASTES WOULD bring you right back.

1. The mixture of Coke and Tayto

A pub staple AND kept you quiet.


2. Badly diluted orange

Either too strong or the dreaded… too weak. From a big jug.

_5F00_MG_5F00_4335 Source: Rspb

3. Sandy 99s

Not forgetting that sickly radioactive red syrup that was like a magnet for the bees.

RobinsonsIcecream4 Source: Robinsonsicecream

4. Push pops and the gathered spit

The construction of this was lethal, you ended up with more drool on your hand than fruity push-pop in your mouth.

push-pop-01 Source: Deziners

5. School milk

It kind of tasted like carton more than milk.

ireland-launches-school-milk-scheme-2-630x420 Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

6. Plastic cheese

Easy singles sambos with the crusts cut off. Bland, beige heaven.

670px-Make-a-Master-Cheese-Sandwich-Intro Source: WikiHow

7. Yoghurt lid

A bit furry, and a bit plasticy, but always licked. This was all until you started refusing to eat them after finding out it was basically flavoured cheese.


90s kids would make an exception for Frufroo though.

3d0ebad53b8748ed262745dde048794a Source: Pinimg

8. Chocolate spread and butter goo

Why couldn’t your mam ever remember to leave off the butter? But it’s still chocolate, so close enough.

gluten-free-nutella-sandwich Source: Realfooddigest

9. Orange sparklers

These ice-pops were the ultimate treat. They were also the ultimate assailant of all white t-shirts.

sparkelers-469x500 Source: HB Ice Cream Memories

10. Fruit sandwiches

Your sambo was packed beside your fruit and now you can taste it off the bread. Bleak.

fruitsandwich Source: FairShare.cc

11. Sherbet

All sherbet, all the time. If you were given 20p to buy sweets I’d be some variation of this synthetic abomination.

dibdab packet Source: Woodenhousenursery

Different Coloured Sherbet Source: BlogSpot

flying-saucers Source: Moomoos-sweetcreations

12. Pasta shapes

Chewy, and almost jelly-like texture. Always delicious piled on soggy toast.

4 Source: X-entertainment

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