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Better call saul

36 ways to cheat your way through any TV conversation

Game of Thrones, The Wire, Girls… they’re all here.

BEHIND IN YOUR Game of Thrones? A bit lost in True Detective? Never got around to The West Wing?

Never fear, because we are here to provide you with all of the quotes, anecdotes and conversation pieced to bluff your way through X number of shows/almost any TV conversation, whether you’re waxing lyrical about Girls or trying to remember the three Seinfeld episodes you’ve seen.

Let’s start with a recent one…

True Detective

Time is a flat circle.

giphy Giphy Giphy

That six minute tracking shot though, eh?
Can’t believe people got SO into the whole yellow king thing.

Game of Thrones

Can’t decide who I dislike more; Littlefinger or Theon Grejoy.
I would pay good money to see Arya and The Hound get their own show.

Hodor, Hodor, Hodor, Hodor.

The West Wing

Nothing is better than when CJ does The Jackal.

alozus / YouTube

Next thing you’ll be telling me there’s a nuclear warhead under Áras an Uachtaráin.


Yeah but that storyline isn’t even canon.
Drunk Sherlock is my spirit animal.

tumblr_inline_mz0k0tALXf1r5yvwd Tumblr Tumblr

How are we going to survive another two year hiatus?


No soup for you!
George Costanza is luckier in love than I am.

Sparre2006 / YouTube

Happy Festivus everybody!

House of Cards

Season two, episode one. WOAH!
Did you see Spacey doing Underwood at the Oscars?


I would kill for some of Freddy’s ribs right now.


Who would you bring back, John Boy or Darren?


Poor old Nidge is a bit thin on top all the same though, isn’t he?
Jesus, the way airport security were looking at me you’d swear I had Debbie’s dildo in my bag.


When Marnie sings I want to curl up and die.
All adventurous women do.

tumblr_mmt6lqjgfi1qa4cp2o1_400 Tumblr Tumblr

How can anyone not like ice cream?  

The Sopranos

You know the statue in Dr Melfi’s office?..
I feel like Tony Soprano without his ducks.

tony-and-the-ducks Craveonline Craveonline

Whatever you do, don’t put Don’t Stop Believin’ on the jukebox. AMIRIGHT?

The Wire

Season 4 though, right?
You come at the king, you best not miss.
I’m stubborn, like a drunk McNulty taking turns.

Dzigr / YouTube

Breaking Bad

Lads, is Huell still in the safe house?


I am the one who knocks!
Shite, I just got a speeding ticket. Better call Saul!

Downton Abbey

Why does nobody ever listen to Dr Clarkson?
Is there any way they might bring Matthew back?

Matthew-3-matthew-crawley-30526242-500-230 Fanpop Fanpop

Do you think Anna ever calls Mr Bates “Master Bates”?

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