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The boybands we're glad were left behind in the 90s

Lots of things about the 90s were brilliant. These boybands were not one of them.

THERE ARE SOME 90s boybands we all remember fondly.

A lot of them recently enjoyed a bit of a renaissance, and fair play to the lads. They were bands we were proud to stick up on our wall – the likes of Take That, 911, N Sync, Boyzone, 5ive and even, a later on, bands like Blue and Busted.

Those were the good – but there was also the bad. And the ugly.

Another Level

Mark Baron, Bobak Kianoush, Wayne Williams and the inimitable, infamous Dane Bowers.

“Cos tonight, baby, I wanna get FREAKY with you.”

Source: AnotherLevelVEVO


“I got a little somethin’ for ya.” Is that a threat?

Pic: Nick Tansley/Nick Tansley/EMPICS Entertainment

Northern Line

Their stand-out single was about “finding love” on the Northern Line. That’s a criminal offence, boys.  You could do serious time for that kind of carry on.

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images


Best known and loved for their cover of A-ha’s Take On Me. Actually, pretty much ONLY known and loved for that.

Listen, lads, you named yourselves after a motorway. What did you expect here? Global superstardom?

Source: A1VEVO


These guys sold 3 million albums. There are 3 million of you out there in the world that should feel pretty bad about that.

Source: Tomamusica

Upside Down

After their record company went bust, Upside Down regrouped as the imaginatively titled “Orange Orange”. Surprisingly, they didn’t achieve much success under this new fruity moniker.

Source: MegaIlovelee


Each one with a more 90s haircut than the last.

Source: Invision Free


Damage apparently had eleven hit singles during the 1990s, including four entries into the Top Ten. Which is strange, really, seeing as we’re truly struggling to remember them at all.

Source: ral7196

Thanks a lot, 1990s.

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