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# understudy
'Alisson texted me to say he was proud' - Caoimhín Kelleher
The Irishman kept clean sheets on his European debut against Ajax a week ago and his weekend Premier League bow against Wolves.
# Irish Rail
Dart passengers now able to report anti-social behaviour via text message
People can text the word TRAIN followed by their location and details of the incident in question to 51444.
# failure to communicate
'It was pretty appalling' - Aer Lingus communication slammed by Irish stranded across Europe during Storm Emma
Customers stranded in airports across the continent have vented at the perceived lack of communication from the airline as to what was going on.
# Divorce
All eyes on Irish border as Brexit draft text to be finalised today
The draft will give a legal basis to last December’s preliminary agreement.
# Refunds
Does Irish Water have your correct details? At least 19,000 customers need to get in touch so they can get their refund
The water utility plans to send out over 100,000 emails and 30,000 texts to customers to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible.
# Location
Mobile phones will soon text your exact location to emergency services when you dial 999
A pilot scheme is currently underway with three major mobile networks.
# experiement
An Indian schoolbook advised children to suffocate kittens
It was part of an experiment designed to show what would happen to an animal in an airtight box – the result isn’t too surprising.
# Alert
Bank of Ireland warns customers over 'smishing' text scam
A link in the message might contain malware.
# catastrophe
Sharon Horgan's daughter sent her this gas text after she lost out on an Emmy
“Master of Nuns what a load of RUBBISH.”
# Emergency
Too dangerous to call? Some US cities explore 911 texting
Emergency officials have stressed, however. that a voice call is preferred because dispatchers can elicit details more quickly.
# caught rapid
A BBC newsreader was caught texting at the desk but totally styled it out
“New number, who dis?”
# hey siri
This dad's hilarious attempt to send a text with Siri is going viral
We’ve all been there.
# TechGuide
Can't take a call? You can do more than just reject it
Especially if you know you’ll ring the person back later that day.
# i have the fear
A lad on First Dates was caught rapid sending a morto text on the show last night
This girl has shared her little brother's brutal last text to his ex
Ah here.
# hello dave
There's a way to make your iPhone read text out to you
Sometimes it’s handy to hear what’s on screen instead of reading it.
# online dating
This guy completely lost it over text when his Tinder date cancelled
Oh HELL no.
# terrifying messages
Kerry man convicted of intimidating sex worker into withdrawing rape claim
The 40-year-old sent the woman threatening text messages and said he would contact her family.
# TechKnowHow
There's a way to set up auto-replies on your phone and avoid annoying calls
Or for any time you just don’t want to answer your phone.
# oh hai mom
One in three people have answered the phone during sex
That’s according to new research which says smartphones are getting in the way of love-making.
# just saying
Here's the text Bank of Ireland is sending to Leaving Cert students today
Getting down with the kids!
# Call Me
Dumping someone via text is The Worst, here's why
You deserve more.
# lenny's lad
Lenny Kravitz finally responded to #PenisGate, by sharing this text
# Mental Health
This simple thing is helping men open up about suicide
It’s being hailed a breakthrough.
# Waiting Game
Ryanair passengers texted about 10.30pm take-off... while they're onboard at 5pm
The plane made two attempts at landing in Nice.
# fix your eyes
4 ways to protect your eyes if you stare at screens all day
Easy tips.
# As Gaeilge
Here's how you say 'YOLO' in Irish
Sound down with the kids as Gaeilge.
# Wrong number
Irish student sends the cringiest 'wrong number' text of all time
We’re red-faced FOR her.
# love mam x
Mams and dads are already texting happy new year 'in case the networks go down'
And don’t drink too much.
This messaging app will force you to be brutally honest
Think before you type.
# it's not you it's me
The girl who got this insanely viral breakup text has told her story
# her
A new app called Samantha only lets you text a real woman named Samantha
One of the main rules is not to fall in love with her.
# basted turkeys
SuperValu accidentally texts 'frozen bast*rd turkey" offer to customers
Super Valu, r u ok hun?
# sign bunny
Here's how the Sign Bunny took over Twitter
And how to DO IT.
# Scam
Meteor mobile customer? Be aware of this text scam
The mobile provider said that people should be careful with any suspicious texts and offers.
# hello this is dog
The 16 greatest ways to respond to a wrong-number text
Look man I’m just interested in the car.
# driving offence
Varadkar: People are unlikely to browse the internet on a cup while driving
Wait, what?
# textel
Amazing texting technology showcased on the Late Late in 1984
The show was recorded 30 years ago today.
# Hang up
300 drivers caught using mobiles in space of 12 hours, as Gardaí launch new crackdown
A 48 hour enforcement campaign’s under way, ahead of the introduction of even stricter rules in the area next month.
# no grey area
Banned: Texting while driving now 'completely prohibited'
The existing law wasn’t 100 per cent clear on the area, according to Transport Minister Leo Varadkar.