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lenny's lad

Lenny Kravitz finally responded to #PenisGate, by sharing this text



ON MONDAY NIGHT Lenny Kravitz’s man wang made a bid for freedom.

He was on stage in Stockholm when a wardrobe malfunction meant that a low guitar dip caused his trousers to rip, exposing him to the audience.

No doubt Kravitz received a host of messages about his lad’s escape, but the best and most to the point response comes from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler:


dude @LennyKravitz @LennyKravitz

This has been Lenny’s only response to WillyWatch 2015 thus far. Fitting, we think.

Now, Lenny pet, read those other seven messages, will you?

Lenny Kravitz’s trousers split open to reveal his lad on stage>