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9 pictures that capture the glory of a McDonald's breakfast

The one thing that makes early starts OK.

TO ALL THE people who grabbed a McDonald’s breakfast as their Saturday morning treat, we salute you. What an achievement.

There’s nothing we’d rather see first thing in the morning, TBH

Not even our significant others. Not even our mams.

The beauty of the McMuffin is a sight to behold

Come to me.

And even if they’re not so pretty, we still love them

There’s no such thing as an ugly McMuffin. All are special in their own way.

The hash browns? Practically art

So weirdly large! But still, thou must always get two. That’s the rule.

Maybe you might go for the pancakes if you’re feeling daring

An unusual choice, but who are we to judge?

It’s the saviour of hungover people on their way into work

Oh, you actually get to sleep in after your nights out? Aw. That’s cute. *tears into a hash brown*

And people who need their early starts to feel OK

Up at 6am? Fine! There shall be a McDonald’s breakfast!

One only needs to observe the crowds for the free breakfast to see its power

Remember Free Breakfast Friday and the chaos that ensued? Remember that?

Our one wish? That they would serve it all day

The 10.30am window is too damn small. All must experience the glory of the breakfast. Hear our pleas, McD’s!

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