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AP Photo/Jacques Marqueton Not the face! French actress Pascale Robert trying to get the hang of this ironing lark in Paris in 1958.
# Dilemma
The burning question*: Do you regularly iron your clothes?
It’s Monday, so let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)

WE KNOW HOW you feel. The week is stretching out in front of you and you have a lot on your plate.

So do like we do here HQ and get stuck into a serious debate on one of life’s most pressing questions.

This week: There’s one thing we can all agree on at HQ – we DON’T iron our bedsheets. When it comes to the clothes on our back, however, opinions diverge.

Some of us iron on a ‘need-to-iron’ basis, ie, infrequently; some iron EVERYTHING; some don’t own an iron. Where do you stand on the matter?

A. I rarely iron my clothes, or…

(Why iron your clothes when you can iron your hair? Image: AP Photo/PA Images)

B. I iron most of my clothes

(Yes, that’s Roy Cropper – David Neilson – from Corrie. He likes ironing so much, he did it for charity. Image: Malcom Croft/PA Archive/ PA Images)

Vote here: Do you regularly iron your clothes?

Poll Results:

C - No, I don't iron clothes at all (1089)
B - Yes, I do iron certain items every time (951)
A - No, not regularly (430)
D - I don't wear clothes (383)

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