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10 key differences between the Debs in Ireland and the Prom in America

A world apart.

1. In America, people ask each other to the Prom with a grand gesture called a “promposal”

Couldn't believe he actually asked me ❤️ #promposal

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In Ireland, a horrifically awkward text is the best we can do

And for good reason:

2. Before you leave for the Prom, you make sure to get your professionally-shot photos taken in the back garden

Source: Imgur

Our Debs photos have nowhere near the same level of technical expertise

pony Source: DailyEdge.ie

3. On the day of the Prom, serious time is spent getting the outfits looking their very best

553ae6dd2c55b.image Source: Townnews

For the Debs, the preparations are much more naggin-focused

naggin Source: imgur

4. At the Prom, everyone tends to get there in a Hummer limo or something equally as lavish

Hummer_Limo_used_for_Prom Source: Wikimedia

In Ireland, most people climb aboard a communal bus put on by the school

debs Source: YouTube

5. This is what celebrity appearances look like at the Prom

In Ireland, we can’t even get Conor Murray to show up

6. This is what the dancefloor looks like at the Prom

-01a90019414d520e Source: Pennlive

At the Debs, the ties come off within 15 minutes of the meal ending and it’s utter carnage

debs2 Source: YouTube

7. Prom after parties are the stuff of urban legend

1425645581_10933919_1053148194709916_203787383791939320_n Source: Big Proms

Debs after parties are either based in a bowling alley or the local 24-hour McDonald’s

bowlingalley Source: Leisure Plex

Of course, sometimes we take our passports along for the craic.

8. Over there, a Prom King and Prom Queen are declared


At the Debs, “awards” are given out half way through the night – with a corresponding and appropriate sash

guru Source: Debs Guru YouTube


9. The morning after Prom will definitely contain some groggy heads – but everyone still manages to look glam af

Meanwhile, the Debs produces its own unique version of the bus journey of shame

10. Finally… MTV has been known to turn up at Proms ffs

laguna-beach-prom Source: MTV

The best the Debs will do is a photographer from the local paper

f77e2ee3204607ca11c01f6f3334c9aa.jpg--the_debs___it_s_not_all_about_frilly_frocks_ Source: Leinsterleader

Still, you wouldn’t change it for the world.

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