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Everyone is just a bit shook after the final episode of The Fall last night

Oh, so THERE’S the action we’ve been waiting all season to see. Spoilers, of course.

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WELL NOW, HOW are you all after that episode of The Fall?

In last night’s finale, the slow-burning (and some would say unsatisfying) third season of the show ramped up the drama to a truly horrifying degree.

There are lots of spoilers from here on in: Do not pass Stella Gibson, do not collect €200.

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We always knew that this would be the last season of The Fall for Jamie Dornan, who has been suitably chilling as serial killer Paul Spector – all that remained was to see how he would make his exit.

And make an exit he did: Spector went out in a storm of violence, brutally attacking Stella Gibson and killing a fellow inmate at the psychiatric facility before taking his own life in a particularly harrowing scene.

11962272-low_res-the-fall Source: BBC/The Fall 3 Ltd/Helen Sloan

It was a difficult hour of television and not the ending we were expecting, but it certainly gave people the action they craved.

Some viewers understandably wanted to see justice served

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But it wouldn’t be like The Fall to just give you what you want, would it? Not at all.

Others praised the stellar work of Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan

11962378-low_res-the-fall Source: BBC/The Fall 3 Ltd/Helen Sloan

Stella Gibson needs about three decades of annual leave, please.

But most viewers were (and still are) Capital S Shook

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Look. Here’s a picture of Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson having a lark together to soothe your weary minds.

Tweet by @Gillian Anderson Source: Gillian Anderson/Twitter

And now we wait to see if Stella Gibson will ride again for a fourth season…

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