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This fake Daily Mail headline about 'Muslim Spiders' fooled lots of people today

Muslim spiders aren’t bringing Ebola to the UK. (We think.)

LAST NIGHT, THIS entirely plausible(-ish) Daily Mail headline started doing the rounds on Twitter.

Let’s take stock for a second: Muslim spiders, Ebola, Sharia Law, an extra bad winter, and taxpayers’ money being spent in a seemingly frivolous manner. The gang’s all here!

Everyone was immediately up in arms, seething with disbelief that the Mail would actually assume that spiders can have a religion, and that these spiritual arachnids would choose to bring Ebola into the UK.



The headline is actually a (fairly obvious) Photoshop job by Twitter user @jimbolooney and published by humour website The Poke, who threw it out into the world seemingly unaware of the widespread confusion and indignation it would cause.

To be fair, it’s not unlike Daily Mail headlines we’ve seen in the past. We’ll give them that.

h/t Buzzfeed

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