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13 incredible GIFs showcasing just how amazing nature is

The sheer force of Mother Nature, now in GIF form.

EVERYONE LOVES A good gawk at a David Attenborough documentary, or flicking through a friend’s amazing travel photos.

But when was the last time you saw the majesty of the natural world captured in the majestic format of GIFs? Never?

Your wish is our command.

1. The Northern Lights

Here captured over Reyjavik, Iceland on the 4th of October.

2. A gorgeous waterfall

Look carefully!

And from above…

4. A focused fox

What a dive.

5. This beautiful sunset

6. A rainstorm

7. Bird of paradise mating display

Shaking its tailfeather, if you will.

8. Mushrooms blooming

9. Dettifoss in Vatnajökull National Park

Another Icelandic beauty.

10. Alright, geyser?

11. Sunrise in the Outer Banks

In North Carolina.

12. Slo-mo butterfly

13. And finally…

A giraffe picking his nose by licking it. Ah, nature truly never ceases to amaze.

H/T all GIFs via the truly awe-inspiring subreddt /r/NatureGifs

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