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Week in Photos

The week in photos

The week that was, in pictures.

THIS WEEK SAW failed heaves, rumoured heaves, resignations and reassignations. We’d better let the pictures tell the story…

The week in photos
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  • Resigned to their fate

    Micheal Martin resigned as Minister for Foreign Affairs after voting against a motion of confidence in Brian Cowen as leader of Fianna Fail. Cowen's motion in himself was passed but Martin's resignation was the first of a total of six FF Cabinet members handing back their ministerial reins. Brian Cowen reassigned their duties to other sitting ministers, who now have to double up on their new responsibilities - as well as the ones they already have.Source: Sam via Flickr
  • Probably the biggest beer vat in the world

    A convoy of six gigantic beer vats ends its 10-day journey from Hamilton to the Molson Brewery in Toronto early Monday morning after a 10-day drive across Canada.
  • I'm up to here in...

  • The van-guard of transport

    A Pakistani worker transports the front portion of a van on his hand-cart at a road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Tuesday.
  • Seize the day: March 11

    Taoiseach Brian Cowen announced on Thursday, almost as an aside in his Dail speech about the reassigning of ministerial duties, that he was naming March 11 as the date for General Election 2011Source: Ron Curtis via Flickr
  • Just because...

    It's been a hard week. Take a break and smile at this panda playing in snow at Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya'an, Sichuan province of China, this week.
  • Goodbye

    The most important men in Michaela McAreavey's life, her husband John and father Mickey Harte, are locked in their own world of grief at her funeral in Co Tyrone on Monday.
  • Jack B Yeats - The unseen masterpiece

    This painting, A Horseman Enters a Town at Night, considered to be one of Jack B Yeats's masterpieces is to be publicly displayed for the first time in an exhibition at The Model arts centre in Sligo next month. Image courtesy The Model.Source: Image courtesy The Model, Sligo.
  • *Face-palm*

    Communications Minister Eamon Ryan at a press conference held by the Greens after Brian Cowen announced his ministerial reassignments - and the date of the election. The Greens complained that they had to stop Cowen from creating six new ministers altogether, and that they had been left out of the loop about the resignations. John Gormley said his wife had to tell him that she heard about Mary Harney's resignation from Health after she heard it on the news.
  • Balancing act

    Indian Army daredevils perform stunts on a bike during rehearsals for the upcoming Republic Day, in New Delhi, India on Tuesday.
  • Blair-faced

    A protestor in a Tony Blair mask makes his point outside the London venue where the former British prime minister was giving his evidence to the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry today. Blair admitted he had diregarded legal advice that the invasion of Iraq without UN backing was illegal under international law. He said he regretted "deeply and profoundly" the loss of life associated with the second Iraq war.
  • Smokin' sale

    Another former British prime minister made a brief comeback this week - or at least his half-smoked cigar did. The discarded cigar, once smoked by Winston Churchill in 1944 as he sat for a portrait by artist Frank O. Salisbury is to go for sale at Bonhams in London.
  • Grounded

    A jet takes off from Dublin airport this week as the Aer Lingus row over new rosters escalated and some staff voted for strike action.