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11 objects that develop invisibility powers right when you need them

Someone call mammy and tell her to say a prayer to St Anthony. STAT.

PRAYERS TO SAINT Anthony are commonplace among Irish mammies.

In fact, we’re so prone to losing things that they’re probably said every day.

Here are 11 things that inspire such desperate pleas for help by consistently disappearing when we need them:

The car keys

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Imgur Imgur

The house keys

Shutterstock Shutterstock

There’s nothing quite like being locked out with no sign of the neighbours.

The scissors

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The remote

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Your phone

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And if it isn’t the mobile it’s the portable house phone that’s grown legs and gone for a walk.

Your passport

Sean MacEntee Sean MacEntee

It’s the night before your big trip and you’re all packed but your passport is nowhere to be found.

“Why didn’t you look for it before now?”

Giphy Giphy

Change for the bus

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A bobbin/bobble/hair tie

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Hair clips and hair pins are repeat offenders too.

Hi-pi Hi-pi

A pen

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Be it during a phone call, when you need to jot down the Lotto numbers, while studying or when you run into your idol on the street and they’re willing to sign an autograph.

Quickmeme Quickmeme

That other sock

James Whatley James Whatley

The sticky tape

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