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# where in the world

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# where in the world
Quiz: Where on earth are these buildings?
We’re bringing you around the world in tonight’s quiz.
# piano talent
JJ McNamara: 'There are virtually no financial supports for musicians like me'
JJ is the son of the former presenter of Where in the World, Theresa Lowe and RTÉ music director and Late Late Show pianist, Frank McNamara.
# Quiz
Quiz: Where in the world is this?
We’ll drop you somewhere in the world and you tell us where you are.
# where in the world
Quiz: Can you guess where in the world you are?
Test yourself.
# where in the world
There's now another easy way to find your lost phone
Although it’s more useful if you own an Android device.
# where in the world
Want to track Santa's trip around the world? You have a few options
And there are a few things you can do while you wait for him to arrive.
Quiz: Can you tell if these photos are from Mars or Earth?
Trickier than you might imagine.
# Marty's big gamble
He took a gamble, lost ... and wasn't let near an RTÉ radio studio for another decade
Marty Whelan was the first big RTÉ star to jump ship for a rival. But it didn’t work out, and he ended up down the dole office within 24 months.
# where in the world
Republic of Ireland fall 3 places in latest FIFA world rankings
Martin O’Neill’s side are now 54th in the world, even after wins over Georgia and Gibraltar.
# where in the world
RTÉ weather gave us all an unnecessary geography lesson
Ah would ya stop.
# where in the world
Theresa Lowe was on TV last night and nobody had their homework done
Ah, shite.
# where in the world
11 objects that develop invisibility powers right when you need them
Someone call mammy and tell her to say a prayer to St Anthony. STAT.
# Theresa Lowe
13 things that are giving you the worst Sunday night fear EVER
# where in the world
Drumroll, please... The top ten "most liveable cities" in the world have been named
Statistically, it’s unlikely you live in any of them.
# Show your colours
Clontarf GAA jersey on globetrotting tour of Barbados, Canada... and Dingle
A unique challenge was thrown down and several players, past and present, accepted.
# sunday fear
7th Heaven, Little House and MT USA - 8 extreme Sunday telly memories
Is your homework done?
# where in the world
Around the world in 36 hours for the Trinity Jailbreak
Students travel to Argentina, Dubai and … Carlow all in the name of charity.
# telly
5 classic Irish TV shows that should be remade in the US
And who we’d cast in them.
# Nostalgia
Where in the World, Blackboard Jungle, Play the Game... retro telly in pictures
Know Your Sport, Scratch Saturday, The Lyrics Board and more…
# well holy god
6 vintage Glenroe stars… where are they now?
Where in the World will be on soon. Do you have your homework done?
# Lady Gaga
In Pics and Video: When celebrities get confused by geography
Lady Gaga may have gotten confused as to where she was last week, but she wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last.