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11 things all ASOS shoppers know to be true

Making an ASOS order = a rollercoaster of emotions. Really.

WHAT DID WE do before online shopping, before ASOS?

It may be the key to owning many beautiful things, but it’s not without its faults, either. Here are 11 things all ASOS shoppers know to be true.

Having a  look on ASOS cheers you up considerably

Instagram / asos Instagram / asos / asos

Browsing, saving things for later, dreaming of future outfits – all very enjoyable pursuits.

On a casual browse, you will discover 5+ items that should never be worn, ever

In fact, there’s an entire Twitter account devoted to pointing out ASOS oddities.

And one of our own recent favourites:

CN7PBRSWUAA9WXY Twitter / @valerieloftus Twitter / @valerieloftus / @valerieloftus


And the models’ facial expressions are…interesting

BxbuHQpIAAAQCFN Twitter / @valerieloftus Twitter / @valerieloftus / @valerieloftus

asosman ASOS ASOS

“What’s your motivation? Look slightly dismayed!” – The ASOS photographer, probably.

Your ‘Saved Items’ list is pure fantasy

saveditems ASOS ASOS

Will you ever buy that €350 jacket? No. But stick it in Saved Items, where you can at least look at it.

Seeing something come back in stock in your size must be what winning Olympic gold feels like

pduSSuA Imgur Imgur

Really. It’s that amazing.

And not having to adjust the price range is the dream

pricerange ASOS ASOS

How glam must that feel? Very glam, we’re sure.

It is far, FAR too easy to make an order

tumblr_mp7fwp9AHM1sp3mbro1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Save my credit card and delivery address? Don’t mind if I do. Input my security code? No bother! Now watch as I make €100 disappear.

The excitement of receiving your ASOS parcel is unparallelled…

…But so is the disappointment of the discovering that none of the clothes fit

Nowt more spirit-crushing.

giphy Giphy Giphy

And you will never, ever find the sticky thing to seal the package up again

CM7jW_tWUAAfZIf Twitter / @janeflann Twitter / @janeflann / @janeflann

It’s nearly always destroyed in your enthusiasm for opening it.

But despite all this, you’ll still be back browsing in a week’s time


“Sure returning all those clothes is like saving money. It’d be rude not to spend it again.”

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The story of how this girl got her teddy back after losing it in an airport is adorable>

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